Luxboard is a fully sustainable 100% recycled E0 commmercial-grade particleboard made in Australia and distributed by the Luxmy Group, based in Sydney.

Trees saved when recycling


We have partnered up with Rainforest Now with a 1-for-1 program

For every 1 tree saved in using our recycled board, we donate to have 1 tree planted.

Reforest Now is a non-profit environmental organisation established in 2018 based in Northern NSW with a mission to protect and plant rainforests in Australia. Find out more on

As of late 2020, the NGO has planted 50,000 trees, reforested 6.2 hectares of land and grown over 150 endangered and critically endangered native plant species.


How much extra is it?

LuxBoard cost no more, no less than an equivalent board from any other supplier. 

What finishes do you have?

We currently stock LuxWhite and LuxOak. 

More will be gradually added as demand increases.

What's so special about it?

Luxboard the first 100% fully recycled Australian E0 commercial-grade particleboard available in 16mm and 25mm board thicknesses.

What are some technical specs?

Standard board sizes are 3600mm x 1800mm in 25mm and 2400mm x 1200mm in 16mm with weight at 18.5kg per square metre for a 25mm thick board. It is finished like any other commercial grade melamine particle board but is more dense toward the faces.

Do you have certifications?

We are an ISO 14001 certified factory and can provide the Luxboard with PEFC Chain of Custody upon request to meet the Green Building Council Australia’s sustainability requirements.

How do I get rid of it?

All worktops and joinery made with LuxBoard come with a Circular Lifecycle Gaurantee to take back the product and put into recycling at a nominal ex-factory cost, at the end of it’s use.


About Us

Boards for Trees and Luxboard is owned by the Luxmy Group.

Over the last 20 years, the Luxmy Group has grown to be one of Australia’s leading independent manufacturers of worktops, tables and loose furniture for the commercial market including government, hospitality and education facilities.

Our brands include Luxmy Furniture, Woodmark Australia and LuxStudio, all of which champion local design and sustainable processes. Luxmy is one of only a handful of independent manufacturers supplying in partnership for dealers throughout Australia.

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